Get Reliable Assistance in NDIS Application in Melbourne

The NDIS is a special scheme that the Australian Government provides for people with disabilities. An individual will have to go through a host of checks before they are approved for the NDIS. Here’s a quick look at how you can apply for it:


If you are not receiving your disability support, then you will have to apply for NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. To gain your NDIS access you can place your request by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency.

After you have filled and lodged your NDIS application form, you will receive a letter stating if you have been accepted for funding. Once you are deemed eligible, the NDIA’s Local Area Coordinator will get in touch with you. You will be required to take some time out for a meeting with them. The meeting can be done according to your preference, you can choose to have a face-to-face interaction or even have a simple conversation over the phone.

Prepare for the Meeting:

When you are meeting your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator, the interaction will be a lot around what you do, what you plan to do, your targets, and your requirements. It is advisable that you are open about your needs and talk to the coordinator about the support you require for your daily life routine, your education, and employment. You can also talk to them about improving your support network. It is a good idea to write down and discuss about your interests as well so that you can better explain your needs. Also, remember that you need to collect and carry any reports or documents that will help the NDIS coordinator to better understand your disability or condition.

Meet With Your NDIS Coordinator:

During your meeting with the NDIS Coordinator, the conversation will be a lot about gathering information regarding you and the needs that the scheme can fulfill. A person’s goals and interests are different. It usually depends on their requirements and the life stage they are currently in. Your coordination will help you chalk out steps to help you work towards your goals.

The NDIS coordinator will help you understand how the scheme works and how long it will take for the NDIS to have your plan approved. If you need to start using your funds immediately for your support, you can inform your coordinator about it and begin with the process.

Receive Your Plan:

Once you are approved to get the benefits of the scheme, your NDIS coordinator will share the details with you in person or by mail. You can also have a look at your plan online by accessing the NDIS portal. You can access your plan in the language you prefer. You can also have it provided to you in other accessible formats like Braille and audio files. If you are already an eligible candidate in Melbourne, then you will be receiving your NDIS funding as per the regulations. Your NDIS coordinator will keep in touch with you about the various schemes that are available in your area – Victoria.

Check your NDIS eligibility to Access the NDIS – Melbourne & Victoria

The NDIS provides services and support to people with disabilities. But not everyone who has a disability will be considered eligible for NDIS. The National Disability Insurance Agency or NDIA requires you to meet certain criteria to be deemed eligible. The NDIS maintains a list of who is eligible for the scheme. This list is updated from time to time.

To apply for the NDIS:

You must have a permanent disability that significantly affects your everyday activities Be an Australian citizen or have a permanent visa or be in a Special Protected Category visa. Be under the age of 65 years while filing your application.

NOTE: A person who qualifies for NDIS, will continue to receive funding even after they turn 65 years old

Since the National Disability Insurance Scheme is provided by the Australian Government, there are a range of factors that determine whether a person is eligible for applying. Hence, you will be asked to provide a range of evidences to prove your status.

The evidence provided for your eligibility should:

Confirm the type of your disability

If possible, the date when it was diagnosed

Confirm the impact the disability has on your mobility, motor skills, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care, and self-management

Mention how long the disability could last

Mention what treatment options are available

Be approved by a medical professional relevant to your primary disability

NOTE: Children under 7 years old may need to provide evidence to meet the early intervention access requirements.