Ndis Social and Community Participation

Nuvicare understands the importance of participants enjoying the recreational aspect of life. Nuvicare develops the client’s ability to partake in social, community and recreational activities and supports them during the exercises. Community participation programs in Melbourne will help the individual improve their physical and mental well-being. A disability should not be a barrier to anyone living their life to the fullest.


Community participation is an essential aspect of social inclusion for people with disabilities. Participation in community-based activities, facilitated through Nuvicare's community access program in Melbourne, can build social connections, increase self-esteem, and improve overall well-being. Nuvicare provides purposeful NDIS social and community participation supports in Melbourne and suggest ideas that interest participants. We develop the ability of the participant to participate in community, social and civic activities.

Be a Part of Community

With the assistance of our caring staff, you will be able to get outside and participate in the community, social as well as civic activities that involve the following

  • Going to the beach, lakeside, or park
  • Participating in golf, bowling, or swimming, etc
  • Going to the shopping or to the movies
  • Going to exercise
  • Attending games or sporting events such as football
  • Joining community or religious events
  • Going out to meet old or new friends
  • Attending drama, art or music classes