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Who we are

Disability Services Melbourne for the elderly and the disabled are always needed! Therefore, Nuvicare is a registered NDIS provider Melbourne clients can hire for customised assistance. We empower the clients to talk about their challenges so we can propose a tailored plan. Our staff is committed to providing optimum care whenever the family’s request. Nuvicare will assist the clients in living independently. We aim to create an inclusive community where lifestyles are not limited because of impairment or restricted movement..


Our Portfolio

We are a registered NDIS provider with an extensive core module that offers the following:

  • Accommodation and Tenancy
  • Life stage and personal assistance, transition into independency
  • Transport and travel assistance
  • Shared living and performing daily tasks
  • Community participation and support groups
  • Life Development Skills
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Support Coordination
  • Specialised Disability Accommodation
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Nuvicare Core Values

We are on top of the list of the most trusted and reliable NDIS disability providers Melbourne and its surrounding suburban residents can hire. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call Nuvicare at 1800 116 347 to schedule an appointment with our experts. Furthermore, Nuvicare is also reachable via email.

1. We are a well-established NDIS provider Melbourne that will recognise and answer clients needs.

2. Nuvicare focuses on the clients to make a difference

3. Our experts will plan and welcome suggestions to accommodate client requirements

4. Nuvicare will collaborate with organisations and the community

5. Our experts are accountable for improving their performance

6. Extensive planning and delivering, as promised